A new site for little reason

As is apt for us web types, on 25 July 2017 I gave a reboot to my professional website.

Why? The content was slightly outdated and I was keen to move it from a Drupal-powered site to a Gulp powered site.

Why move from Drupal to Gulp when I'm just working with simple content? Well, why not? 😁

I'm Ken Hawkins

I do web architecture, holistic design, and a bit of UX and development. If you want to lean more about me and what I do, head to the front page, or:

This site is a playgound 🙈

What you're seeing was made with a combination of the Foundation Framework, Travis CI, CSS/Sass, resposnisve design, Gulp, Panini static site generator, Markdown and some other stuff and then hosted through Github pages.

In years past I would have likely made this site with Drupal, but for smaller sites with savvy editors, I've been using these static site combination as it simplifies maintance.