I am Ken Hawkins.

  • These are my descriptors:
    Creator of websites, information architect, designer, data geek, newspaper nerd, lover of UX, consultant. Information structure is my thing.

  • These are my methedologies:
    Content modelling, information architecture, content structure and organisation, responsive design, analytics and metrics, principles of graphing, user centered design, user stories, user behaviour, Kanban.

  • These are my tools:
    Drupal, Web Services, Sass/CSS, D3.js, Git, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, browser consoles, PHP, jQuery, Mapbox, Excel, Modo, OmniGraffle, SketchUp, Brackets, Atom, Gulp, npm.

This is a placeholder! 😨

As is apt for us web types, on 25 July 2017 I gave a reboot to my professional website.

Why? The content was slightly outdated and I was keen to move away from a Drupal site to something more flexible to experimentation.

Why move from Drupal to Gulp when I'm just working with simple content? Well, why not?


Ken Hawkins, Web Design Architect

My work

  • Hands on creator:
    The modern Web stack from server to front end is my friend, but my real love is in using that toolset to create contextually appropriate web presences for all manner of devices, be they experience-exposing event sites, product-driven e-commerce sites, or taxonomy-minded publications.

  • Coordinator, planner:
    I'm the lead for a Drupal-powered platform with team members in the U.S., Germany and Asia, supporting more than 150,000 e-commerce users. I've also created a wiki-like collaborative hyperlocal news website network, and much more.

  • Thinker:
    I have a strong conceptual background from years crafting deadline-driven data-heavy infographics for daily newspapers and working with all manner of clients.

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